Lunch Purchases

Children in Kindergarten through Grade 5 may bring their own lunches from home or purchase lunches ($3.00/day) in the cafeteria. Milk may be purchased separately for 75 cents.  Free and reduced-price lunches are available to eligible students, as described in information sent home in the mail. Applications for free and reduced-price lunch are also available from the Food Service Office, 703-228-6130. Children eat in the cafeteria and are supervised during the lunch period.

Parents are reminded that student debit accounts may be created for the pay-in-advance lunch program. Please provide a check for the appropriate amount and deliver it to the cafeteria manager. Additionally, please remind your child that purchases above the cost of a regular lunch will deplete the funds in the account more quickly. Please maintain a balance of at least $8.00 in the account over the length of the school year. Children who have a zero balance will be given a sandwich, fruit and milk.

Cafeteria Manager
Cafeteria Manager
Rosalba Guerrero Gomez