Gifted Services

Welcome to Gifted Services at Tuckahoe!  Please take a look through the helpful links in the menu on the left to discover more about what Tuckahoe has to offer our growing scholars.

Vision & Mission

Promote, model and support cluster teachers’ daily planning and implementation of critical and creative thinking and resources written for gifted learners

  • Lead professional learning for personalized learning for teachers and/or teacher groups using the Gifted Services Professional Learning (5 hour cycle)
  • Work with administrators to promote greater understanding of resources available to challenge and engage all learners

Advocate and lead screening for potential in historically underrepresented populations for gifted services (i.e. ELs, children from poverty, underachievers, etc)

  • Lead professional learning on equity and best practices for identifying diverse gifted learners
  • Lead professional learning on the characteristics and behaviors and socio-emotional needs of diverse gifted learners

Outgoing outreach to parent community

  • Increase understanding of collaborative cluster model
  • Increase understanding and their participations in the screening/identification process

Corinne Reilly