Keyboarding in 2nd and 3rd Grade

The Arlington Public Schools Department of Teaching and Learning purchased the TypingClub program for elementary students in Second and Third grade.  Keyboarding is part of the APS Third Grade Program of Studies under Business and Information Technology. The standard states: Students will use a keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, touchpad, and/or input devices to perform learning tasks.  The goal is to help students learn the basic keyboard through exposure, not proficiency. Provides students with practice finding the keys.  We are not teaching touch typing.

The APS expectation is for typing practice to start at the end of 2nd grade and beginning of 3rd grade.  Students are expected to practice typing for 20 minutes per week.  All Second and Third graders have the Ed Club app installed on their iPads.

Practicing at Home
Second and Third graders can also practice typing at home using the website:

Other Keyboarding Resources

Below are several free online keyboarding programs for students to practice keyboarding at home:

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