Matuwa Primary Sister School

Tuckahoe has partnered with Reach for Uganda (formerly Arlington Academy of Hope) to establish a sister school relationship with Matuwa Primary School in Uganda.  During the school year our students correspond as pen pals with Matuwa students, and we also participate in fundraising activities to support Matuwa in meeting some basic academic needs. Matuwa now has a kitchen, so students can eat lunch each day, and a library has been started which is slowly being filled with books.  We hope our Tuckahoe students gain some perspective of how others live around the world and the challenges they face, and the community response has been very positive.

Community members who are interested in how they can help support Matuwa have the opportunity to sponsor students and establish what can be a lifelong relationship with a child in Uganda.  Tuckahoe families currently sponsor 36 students at Matuwa Primary school!  Families interested in sponsoring a student can visit, for more information.

If you would like to know more about our partnership, please contact the Tuckahoe Matuwa parent liaison at