Outdoor Classrooms

As part of Tuckahoe Elementary School’s Discovery Schoolyard Exemplary Project, students in all grades use the entire outdoor learning space for a wide variety of activities, but also have specialized lessons in gardens designated for each grade.

Outdoor Classroom Description
Art Observation / Pollinator Garden All Grades – Art patio and perennial garden with plants to attract and support butterflies and other pollinators.
Beansprout Corner Kindergarten students use this garden to explore patterns in nature, life cycles, habitats, and seasonal changes.
Colonial Village Fourth grade students learn and reenact Virginia Colonial history.  Many of the garden plants here were also grown in Colonial times.
Courtyard Second grade students – Replica of the Virginia watershed used for measurement and observation
Friendship Garden  All grades use this garden. The Friendship garden features a patio of bricks purchased by families and community members to honor special people and memories. Decorative elements such as stone animals provide opportunities for educational activities and discussion.
Greek Pavilion Fifth grade students use this garden to explore Social Studies.  This garden features a Replica of an ancient Greek structure large enough for a full class; provides context for authentic learning.
Peter Rabbit Garden First grade students use this garden to plant vegetables and herbs inspired by inspired by Beatrix Potter’s classic Peter Rabbit tale.
Principal’s Garden All grades sit and enjoy shade and flowers near the school entrance.