AtoZ Connect Advertising Opportunity

AtoZ Connect produces our print directory and our Directory App free of charge for our school. With that in mind, we are thrilled to be working with them again. Our directory is a valuable resource for our school and an ideal way to promote your business, firm, practice or community partnership. This is an excellent way […]

Tuckahoe Ambassador Update for 5/14: CIP and High School Seats, Postponed Elementary Meeting & Survey, APS School Survey

All: We know this is an incredibly busy time of year for students and families. But, please take the time to participate in the surveys and meetings outlined below in May and June. Many important decisions are being made this spring, and they will have consequences for elementary school locations, boundaries, and high school seats for […]

APS Ambassador Update for 5/7: Elementary School Location Update; APS Student Life Survey; Capital Improvement Plan Update

APS Updated Elementary Initiative: On April 30, APS Staff published their updated Elementary Location Analysis. It is an extensive review of all elementary schools to evaluate if there are alternative locations for the County’s five option schools. APS has expanded its criteria to include: (1) impact on teaching and learning, (2) potential walkers to the […]

PTA WEEKLY UPDATE FOR APRIL 30, 2018 (with 2 attachments)

Message from the President:  Happy last day of April.  The ETC play was wonderful.  Congratulations to all the students and families for their hard work and dedication.  I’ve heard so many compliments about the performances.   In particular, I’d like to thank Lizzy Stell for her hard work and dedication chairing the ETC Committee and also our […]

PTA WEEKLY UPDATE FOR APRIL 23, 2018 (with 2 attachments)

Message from the President:   This week brings us our much anticipated ETC Play “Aesop’s African Adventures” on Thursday and Friday.  The kids have put in a lot of hard work and I know their peers and parents are looking forward to seeing the end result.  We encourage our community to attend the performances at Tuckahoe this Thursday or Friday evenings at 7:00 pm and […]

Tuckahoe’s Home and Garden Tour 2018 – How You Can Help

Tuckahoe’s largest annual fundraiser — The Home & Garden Tour — benefits the Discovery Schoolyard, which needs a major renovation to the pond so we really need your help!  This is a community-wide north Arlington event — not just TES district.  Following are the ways you can help us! Sign up to be a docent here.  Buy […]


Message from the President:   Last Thursday evening APS staff presented a draft analysis that identified which schools it believes are more well suited to house an option program based on criteria staff developed. Tuckahoe was one of the schools staff thought would not be a good candidate for an option school; mainly because it is on […]

AMBASSADOR UPDATE for 4/16-ELEMENTARY PLANNING INITIATIVE – Tuckahoe Excluded from Option Analysis

On April 12, APS presented to the School Board its preliminary analysis of  Phase I of its Elementary Planning Initiative, which involves re-assessing locations for neighborhood and option schools. They did not, as originally planned, issue any official recommendations.  They have postponed that recommendation until April 30. In the preliminary analysis, APS indicated that it would exclude Tuckahoe […]

PTA WEEKLY UPDATE FOR APRIL 9, 2018 (with 1 attachment)

Tuckahoe Brick Ordering Flyer 2018 (2) Message from the President:   Thank you to Mike Maleski and Cathy Jones for coordinating another successful outdoor lab visit for Tuckahoe families this past Sunday – I heard everyone who could attend had a wonderful time. Congratulations to our official Executive Committee nominees Allison Glatfelter for VP and Scott Tarpley for […]

APS Ambassador Update for 4/9

Upcoming Meeting & Important Dates,  APS Option School Siting Methodology, and Strategic Plan Survey  April 10 Meeting on Elementary Initiative: Tuckahoe’s PTA Elementary Initiative Committee will be meeting on Tuesday April 10 in the Tuckahoe Library at 7:00.  All interested Tuckahoe parents and guardians are encouraged to attend.  Topics will include (1) the upcoming April 12 APS staff recommendation to identify neighborhood schools to house existing option programs […]