Share your Virtual Cardboard Creation

We invite you to share your cardboard creation, virtually, using the Flipgrid app.  We have extended this until Friday, January 21st.

You may continue to work on your cardboard constructions up until the end of the week and submit them anytime January 10th through 17th. View instructions here or watch the video.

When you are ready to share your cardboard creation, you will use the Flipgrid app. The Flipgrid app lets you take a short video explaining your cardboard creation and you will become part of Tuckahoe’s “Book to Box” cardboard challenge gallery.


What is Flipgrid?Flipgrid
Flipgrid is a video discussion tool that allows teachers to post discussion prompts and students to respond to them using video.

Where do I find the Flipgrid app on my iPad?
The Flipgrid app may already be installed on your APS iPad.  Find the picture symbol (plus sign) shown above and click on it. If Flipgrid is not installed on your iPad, click on the APS app catalog, find the Flipgrid app and click Install.

How do I use the FlipGrid app to share my cardboard creation?

Follow the directions below or watch the video (above) to show you how!

  1. On your iPad, click on the Flipgrid app and type in the join code for the specific grid
  2. Flipgrid Join Code: 2afe29c3
  3. After you type in the join code, it will ask for a login.  Students will click “Log in with Google,” and type in their APS Student ID Number (lunch number)  Example:
  4. The next screen will prompt them to login to My Access.  Username: Student ID number  Password: APS password
  5. It will then take you into the Flipgrid Group.  Student will click on the Share: Book to Box Creation grid.
  6. Read and follow the directions and post to the grid.  You will be able to post a 30 second video sharing your cardboard creation by clicking “Record a Response” button.

Who can see the video I post?
After you post the video and it is approved by a Tuckahoe teacher, then it will show up on the Flipgrid.  Only Tuckahoe students may login and view the videos after they are approved.

What do I need to include in my video?
When you login to Flipgrid, read the prompt or watch the video for this information.  You can include answers to these questions:
– What is the title of the book?
– What part of the book did you create and why? OR What character or background in the book did you create and why?
– What materials did you use?

How long can my video be?
You will have up to 30 seconds to record your video.

How do I record in Flipgrid?
Check out the Flipgrid Getting Started page.

How long will the Flipgrid Cardboard gallery be available to view?
The Flipgrids will be available from January 10th – January 17th

What if I have more questions or issues using Flipgrid?
Please email Ms. Egan ( or Ms. Allen (