Bruce Ferratt

Bruce FerrattMr. Ferratt is a Health & Physical Education Instructor at Tuckahoe Elementary School. He has worked for more than 20 years as a teacher and athletic trainer for Arlington Public Schools. Mr. Ferratt has a BA in Sports Medicine while playing soccer for the Falcons of Messiah University. He holds a MS degree in Exercise Science & Health from George Mason University and a HPE teaching certificate from the University of Virginia. Mr. Ferratt states, “It is a great privilege to teach at Tuckahoe and serve its diverse community. I find it rewarding to educate others in the concepts of fitness, developing relationships through sports, and enhancing one’s skills for a lifetime of wellness. Mr. Ferratt presently volunteers for the United States Olympic Committee and its national governing bodies. He proudly serves the Olympic and National Team athletes with Team USA Freestyle Wrestling.


  • Physical Education - Pre-Kindergarten
  • Physical Education - Grade 5
  • Physical Education - Grade 3
  • Physical Education - Grade 2
  • Physical Education - Grade 4