Sonia Wald

20210822-1R1A2465My name is Sonia Wald, and as a Pre-K Model Instructional Assistant, I am delighted to join the Tuckahoe family after a year at Hoffman-Boston. My associate’s degrees from NOVA are in Early Childhood Development and Photography. Although born in Guatemala City, I have lived the last 35 years in Arlington. My passions include travel, having visited Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, and Belgium, as well as vacationing in Jamaica. I also enjoy classical music at the Kennedy Center, plays at Arena Stage, photography, and impressionist art. Mike, my husband of nine years, has made me into a Redskins fan, and threatens to do the same to our eight-year-old son Christopher. Above all, my principal passion is to work with children and help them develop a love of learning.