The Positivity Project at Tuckahoe

Tuckahoe has become one of the latest Positivity Project partner schools. The program focuses on 24 character strengths that are common to all cultures, demonstrated by people to varying degrees. One of the goals in participating is to make students aware of these strengths, which ones they see as more prominent in themselves, and how to recognize them in others. This helps lead to the overarching purpose of the Project, to help kids develop and foster positive relationships.

The founder of the field of positive psychology sums it up in three words, “Other People Matter”. The board in Tuckahoe’s front hallway highlights all 24 of the strengths. There is a standardized calendar, so all participating schools learn about the same strength over the course of a given week. The “strength of the week” will occupy the middle of our board, and once every month or so the weekly focus returns to the Other People Matter mindset.  Having the whole school focus on the same trait at the same time allows for cross grade-level and department discussions and reinforcement.

To see this year’s calendar and information on each of the Character Traits, click here.  Additionally, you can take a look at the Positivity Project’s Twitter and Facebook pages, (@PosProject)