Bully Prevention

Tuckahoe has a comprehensive, school-wide bullying prevention and intervention program. It is an evidence- based program for students in grades K-5 based on the Second Step materials developed by the Committee for Children. All staff and parents are encouraged to listen carefully to children who report bullying and ask a few basic questions to determine if the situation meets the program’s definition of bullying. All intentional disrespectful and bullying behavior is taken seriously. We ask anyone (students or parents) who is aware of a bullying situation to report it to the classroom teacher, a counselor, or an administrator.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is behavior that is: 1) mean; 2) on purpose; 3) unfair or one-sided; and 4) happens over and over (repeated). Bullying can be verbal, emotional, physical against the person, physical against property or involve exclusion. Bullying can happen in-person or on-line.

Second Step Poster

Students are taught the three Rs of bullying;

  • Recognize– Know what is bullying (and what is not)
  • Refuse– If you feel safe, stick up for yourself or peer
  • Report– Bullying is about power and needs adult help to stop it from occurring. Reporting is not the same as tattling.

To learn more about the Second Step Bullying Unit:


1. Encourage your student to let a trusted adult know what is happening:

  • Student’s Teacher
  • School Counselor
  • School Administrator
  • Extended Day Director (if occurring in Extended Day)

2. Follow Up

3. Report online using Bullying Report Form