Dreambox and Reflex

These are two applications used in Math Workshop. Students can log in via Clever both at school and at home.



What is it?

Dreambox Learning is a digital based mathematics program for grades K-8 students. For students, Dreambox Learning:

  • Adapts to provide students with lessons that they need when they need them;
  • Provides VA standards based lessons that challenges students to think critically
Reflex is an adaptive and individualized program that helps students develop fluency once they understand the concepts behind the operations. Reflex operates on the following structure:

  • Quick check with fluency
  • Coaching with Coach Penny
  • Games for practice
  • Reports for students to see progress

Lastly, Reflex, due to its time component, may not be a good fit for all of our Sliders.  In this case, the teacher and math coach will develop an alternative plan for a student’s fluency work.

Audience & Rationale

At Tuckahoe, K-5 students will engage in Dreambox throughout the year.  Teachers can target lessons based on VA State Standards of Learning and Quantile scores from the Math Inventory (grades 2-5).

Teachers can assign specific standards and skills to individual students. This will personalize the student’s learning by providing targeted lessons not only by standard, but also by adjusting the lesson to meet the student where they are within the skill.

Dreambox learning environments are available to students in grades K-5. The Learning Environments provide a different look and feel to the lessons and there are different motivating incentives in each that are designed to appeal to kids in the grade range.  Each Learning Environment is independent of the actual learning content in the lessons. This means that lessons can be played in any Learning Environment.

Per APS, the REFLEX program is available to all students in Grades 2-5.

  • Grade 2 students will work in addition and subtraction
  • Grade 3 students will begin in addition and subtraction and move to multiplication and division once instruction in the conceptual understanding is taught (unless there is an identified need to work within addition/subtraction)
  • Grade 4 & 5 students will work in multiplication and division (unless there is an identified need to work within addition/subtraction)

REFLEX is also available to students in Grade 1 in Spring (4th quarter), only after formal instruction and students are prepared to solidify their understanding of addition and subtraction facts.


The goals of Dreambox are to:

  • provide standards based data that tracks student growth and proficiency;
  • make lessons customizable so that teachers may assign focus lessons based upon need; and
  • provide teachers with insights as to how their students learn.

The goal of REFLEX is to aid students in developing their fluency once they understand the concepts behind the operations.

Please NOTE: When students have demonstrated mastery of the operation (add/sub, mult/div), the use of the Reflex program is no longer needed and will be discontinued.

Parent Support

Dreambox lessons are personalized to your child based on their strategies and understanding.

Tips to support your child at home during Dreambox lessons:

  1. Let your child work as independently as possible, so that Dreambox can adjust to their mathematical understanding
  2. Listen to the program feedback (the audio) and have your child try again
  3. Use the Help/Hint button.
  4. Encourage risk taking:
    • What do you already know?
    • What do you think you could do next?
    • What happens when you try that?

Encourage students to work to the green light in one sitting. Students are given time during math workshop and can continue their progress at home if the green light is not achieved.

The green light is typically achieved within 15 minutes though time can vary from student to student. REFLEX considers fluency, number of questions answered correctly, and typing speed when determining when to give the green light.

Students should engage in REFLEX (i.e. achieve a green light) at least four times/week.




Students will engage in Dreambox  during portions of independent work in Math Workshop at the teachers’ discretion.The expectations for students are the following:

  • Try every problem
  • Finish every lesson
  • Utilize in-lesson support
  • Use headphones or speaker with volume on
  • Work independently
  • Complete 5 or more lessons per week
Students will engage in REFLEX during portions of independent work in Math Workshop at the teachers’ discretion. The expectations for students are the following:

  • Engage in REFLEX until you’ve reached the GREEN light.
  • Play REFLEX at least 4 days a week.