Responsive Classroom

At Tuckahoe we use the Responsive Classroom approach to teaching.  Responsive educators believe that the social and academic curriculums are equally important.  We also believe that how children learn is as important as what they learn and that the greatest cognitive growth occurs through social interaction.  As a classroom community we will be developing an environment where everyone can learn, feel safe, feels a sense of belonging and significance, and have fun.  The social skills that have been found to be important in developing an effective learning environment and proven to increase student achievement are represented by the acronym C.A.R.E.S.

Tuckahoe CARES


 – Follows class rules
– Cooperates with others in work and play
– Interacts with peers and adults in a respectful and positive way


 – Self-motivated
– Exhibits leadership skills
– Demonstrates perseverance


 – Demonstrates effort
– Organizes self/materials for tasks
– Works independently
– Follows written and oral directions
– Uses technology appropriately


 – Respects rights/property of others
– Demonstrates care for others
– Listens to others
– Perceives other people’s feelings

Self – Control

 – Accepts authority at school
– Stays focused and attentive
– Thinks before acting