Schoolyard Gardens

Students in all grades use the entire outdoor learning space for a wide variety of activities, but also have specialized lessons in gardens designated for each grade.

AFAC Plot Against Hunger – 3rd Grade – Community service project in which students learn about and grow crops for donation to local food bank

Art Observation / Pollinator Garden – All Grades – Art patio and perennial garden with plants to attract and support butterflies and other pollinators.

Beansprout Corner – K – Explore patterns in nature, life cycles, habitats, and seasonal changes

Colonial Village – 4th Grade – Learning about and reenacting Virginia Colonial history. Many of the garden plants here were also grown in Colonial times.

Courtyard – 2nd Grade – Replica of the Virginia watershed used for measurement and observation

Friendship Garden – All Grades – Features a patio of bricks purchased by families and community members to honor special people and memories. Decorative elements such as stone animals provide opportunities for educational activities and discussion.

Gateway Garden – Pre-K – Multi-sensory experience

Greek Pavilion – 5th Grade – Replica of an ancient Greek structure large enough for a full class; provides context for authentic learning.

Peter Rabbit Garden – 1st Grade – Vegetable and herb garden inspired by Beatrix Potter’s classic Peter Rabbit tale

Principal’s Garden – All Grades – Sit and enjoy shade and flowers near the school entrance.