Toe Token Program

Toe Token 3What is the Toe Token Program?

The Toe Token program is a rewards-based system that recognizes students who are being physically active outside of school and are eating healthy foods. Here at Tuckahoe, the PE staff offers the Toe Token Program for its students.  It is FREE and completely VOLUNTARY

How Does the Toe Token Program Work?

There are three different levels with a variety of different tokens at each level for your child to choose from.  Each level has a different colored Activity/Nutrition card with two sections to the card.  The top section has twelve entry lines for documenting physical activities performed.  The bottom section has twelve entry lines for documenting healthy foods consumed.   When a student completes all twelve activities (each activity has to last a minimum of 30 minutes each) and has consumed 12 healthy foods (fruits or vegetables), he/she can turn in their card for a Toe Token reward and a new colored card will be issued.

Please note the following:

  • A child can only document 1 performed activity and 1 consumed fruit/vegetable per day (a maximum of 1 entry per section, per day)
  • All entries MUST  be verified by an adult (signed).
  • An activity can be any of the following, but not limited to: an organized sports practice/contest, walking a pet, playing with family & friends, biking, skateboarding, skiing or even playing a video game that requires whole body movement to activate its controls (ie. Wii).
  • However, you MAY NOT document an activity performed at school (Recess, PE Class or playing at Extended Day). 
  • A fruit or vegetable consumed at school or at home can be documented on the card.
  • Once a card is fully completed in both sections (12 activities & 12 fruit/vegetables) and signed by an adult, please have the student turn in the card during PE class for their token & new card.
  • It’s that simple! Start moving, have fun, enjoy a life that is filled with a variety of activities and eating new fruits & vegetables!

Where do I put my Toe Tokens?

Toe Token 2

Toe Tokens

The Toe Tokens have holes in them and they are worn on the laces of your shoes.  If your shoes do not have laces, they can be attached to the shoes with string or a small zip tie.  If you don’t want to wear them on your shoes, attach them to the zipper on your backpack.